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Offer free impartial advice on what to do after a death.
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There are many practical issues to manage when someone dies. Bereavement Advice Centre supports and advises people on what they need to do after a death.
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New Crematorium for Ipswich and Suffolk, lovely building and well maintained grounds.
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Our workshop is located in Saxmundham, Suffolk and is easily accessible from the A12. If you'd like to visit, please call ahead and make an appointment to ensure somebody is available to see you.
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For those that would rather not have a religious ceremony Tina Hayward is a experienced and compassionate Civil Celebrant from Suffolk. “Even in death, we still celebrate the life that has been lived. Because life is a precious gift to us all."
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“We may have become detached from our local parish but still have some beliefs whether these are spiritual, religious or just our own unique belief about what happens when someone dies, then this is when a celebrant can fit the criteria.” “Together we will create a unique service.”
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Offer the very finest environmentally friendly coffins which have been carefully woven by skilled craftsmen.
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Bradnam Joinery have earned an unrivalled reputation for producing the very highest quality coffins and caskets, made in house by our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women.
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Preparing for a funeral is always a very hard time, which is why we make it as simple and stress free as possible to pick the funeral flowers that you require. From funeral wreaths to cushion pillows, we offer a sympathetic and caring service.
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The Suffolk Registration Service, for advice and registration of death.